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The true enabler of deBa lies in the performance dashboard reports accessible to every leader. The dashboard quickly summarises each leaders communication behaviours allowing them to pinpoint specific and deliberate areas to improve.


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Enables leadership accountability throughout the organisation


deBa comes with a performance reporting dashboard that is designed to allow you to monitor your business performance and make adjustments where and when required, quickly and effectively. There are three primary performance reports called the Comms Chart, the Values Tracker and the Goals Tracker.

Comms Chart Report

The Comms Chart demonstrates how many conversations you are having across your entire team and then specifically with individuals.

At a glance you can determine if you are spreading your communications equally across your team or if you are favouring or neglecting specific people. Also, over time, you can assess if the amount of communication you are practicing is increasing, decreasing and indeed continuously improving!

Broadly speaking, a balance of coaching, supporting and, recognition conversations is ideal. If there are obvious deviations, it may be related to the developing skills of the leader, for instance they may find it uncomfortable having a coaching conversation.

If the majority of conversations are coaching focussed then the goals are likely to be too hard, or if the majority of conversations are recognition focussed then the goals are potentially too easy. Another trap that many leaders fall into is that they only provide recognition conversations because they’re team is “awesome” and they feel that any other type of conversation might shatter this perceived reality. It’s called the halo effect.

If the halo effect is practiced by leaders, deBa’s charts and reporting will display these tendencies which in turn will enable the leader’s leader to coach individual leaders to mitigate this behaviour. This is important because allowing overly favourable feedback, that does not reflect reality, directly impacts a culture of continuous improvement.

Values Tracker Report

The Values tracker provides an insight into what specific values you tend to favour in your discussions. This dashboard's data provides very beneficial insights both for yourself as a leader and to the organisation as a whole.

The results presented in this tracker will enable the obvious question of ‘why’ to be asked. Values that are regularly discussed are likely an indication that the value is well understood, practiced and an important part of the workplace culture. On the flip side, a Value that is not often discussed is either not understood or valued or doesn’t add beneficial value to the organisation’s culture.

Goals Tracker Report

The goals tracker enables you as a leader, to ensure you are discussing your team members goals regularly enough and that they are getting the support and coaching they need from you as a leader.

Measure Team Improvement

As a leader of a leader, deBa really shines in its effectiveness to help you help your subordinate leaders. As a leader of a leader, you are able to access all of your teams performance dashboards. This enables you to review, prepare and have targeted conversations based on actual leadership challenges that they are facing in the workplace.

The dashboards will quickly reveal which team members your leader may be struggling with or any team members who they are favouring or neglecting. Allowing you to help identify and deal with any issues that are occurring as they come up.

Additionally, the dashboards are a useful tool to direct your subordinate leaders on areas on which they should focus on for improvement.