deBa makes effective leadership

a keystone habit.

High-Performance Teams and organisations share a common trait in that the behaviours that make them so successful are ingrained habits within the entire team. These behaviours become second nature and once they become habit, they are completely automatic.


Repeatable communication behaviours


Continuous Improvement mindset


Values led behaviours


"A lot of people mistake habit for hard work. Doing something over and over again is not working hard."

Shannon Sharpe

Group 19

Deliberate Practice

Ingraining a keystone habit into a workplace is an achievable challenge. The key ingredient in implementing a keystone habit into an organisation is via action and deliberate practise. Repeatable, bite-sized actions executed repeatedly is the proven method for causing a good workplace habit to generate and then stick within an organisation.

The keystone habit that deBa ingrains into an organisation is the habit of clear, effective and empowering communication. deBa holds every leader to account to regularly converse with their team members while focussing on values-led behaviours and individualised improvement goals. Over time, successful work habits result in improved workplace culture, better retention and an overall improved business.