Enjoy the benefits of a positive workplace

culture with deBa.

A positive, healthy workplace culture is essential for business success. A positive culture results in employees being motivated and engaged which makes them effective, efficient, and productive. An organisation that has a positive workplace culture enjoys the following benefits: 


Reduced employee turnover


Improved Engagement and Innovation


Becoming an Employer of Choice


"Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first."

Simon Sinek

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How deBa helps workplace culture

deBa is specifically designed to help leaders be better leaders by making them great communicators. It does this by providing the know-how and tech so leaders can focus on frequent and informal communication with their team, focused on real-time behaviour feedback, as opposed to retrospective KPIs. This in-the-moment communication is critical to shift behaviour and thus affect workplace culture. 

* Feedback is structured around values and behaviour 

* Informal chats are made quantifiable and measurable with our easy to use app

* Leaders become better communicators as good habits form naturally within their busy day

* Team members have clarity around expectations while leadership is held accountable

Why Workplace Culture is Important

Many elements go into the generation of workplace culture, from company values to policies and procedures. However, by far, the most influential element of an organisations culture is its people and the relationships these people have with each other. In fact we know, the primary driver of culture within a workplace is the relationships shared between leaders and their team members.

Organisations that enjoy a workplace culture where leaders openly and honestly communicate with their team members regularly and focus their attention on values derived behaviours are shown to be more successful. They tend to enjoy high levels of employee engagement and low levels of employee turnover.

Why deBa?

deBa is designed to generate a workplace culture that is centred on exceptional leadership. Exceptional leadership results in positive relationships throughout the organisation, early identification and resolution of problems and a persistent attitude of continuous improvement. One of the most immediately obvious benefits of a positive workplace culture is employee retention and turnover reduction.

Increased Employee Retention

Employee turnover can cost a business anywhere from 50% to 200% of the annual salary package that it is replacing. In 2021, Australia’s average full-time salary package is approximately $90,000 p.a. Therefore, for a business that employs 100 staff, 10% employee turnover will cost that business between $450,000 - $2,000,000 per year! While some turnover is healthy for a business, healthy numbers tend to sit in the 1-3% range.

Improved Employer Branding

There are numerous other benefits to a positive workplace culture including improved innovation, the development of better practices resulting in efficiency as well as becoming an employer of choice. Employers of choice enjoy the benefit of attracting the best recruits which has obvious follow-on benefits for the business.

Drive Meaningful Cultural Change

deBa improves workplace culture through the development of strong leadership, focused on continuous improvement and open and honest communication.

deBa is also a useful and practical tool for organisations that need to effect large scale, systemic cultural change.

"deBa improves workplace culture through the development of strong leadership, focused on continuous improvement and open and honest communication."

Group 19

Usually, such a change is accompanied by a re-alignment of organisational values. Commonly, these changes alone will have little overall effect on an organisation that is stuck in a toxic culture that is in opposition to the new philosophy.

deBa affects cultural change by holding leaders accountable  to coach, support and recognise team member’s behaviour on a consistent and regular basis. deBa mimics your organisational structure within the app which means every leader is directly exposed (from their leader) to the direction and guidance provided from the very top. Each leader is held accountable to regularly communicate the organisation’s cultural direction while  the streamlined dashboard reporting feature ensures non-compliance is quickly identified and addressed.

Systemic cultural change will not happen overnight. It takes time and  will require new habits and behaviours to form. deBa instils these positive habits within the leaders of the organisation naturally to ensure desired cultural change can be affected as efficiently as possible.

Cultural Change: Case Study