Develop your talent

from within.

Too many individuals are promoted into leadership positions without being provided the leadership training or coaching they need and deserve. deBa is designed to become an organisational wide habit that provides a constant and consistent focus on the coaching and accountability of all leaders.


Train leaders effectively


Provide clarity on succession plan requirements


Support and encourage new and emerging leaders


"There are significant, long term benefits to developing your talent from within."

Group 19

Succession Planning Strategy

Succession planning strategy is an often overlooked yet essential HR function for all businesses, especially for businesses looking to sustain or grow. In most cases, organisations will benefit from individuals growing within their business as culture can be sustained along with valuable organisational experience.

Additionally, it is a proven fact that employees are far more engaged in an organisation when there is a succession plan set out for them to improve and be promoted in line with their career aspirations. This level of engagement results in improved employee retention, better morale and an engaged, more productive workplace.

Why deBa?

deBa assists in succession planning by enabling leaders to identify and specify specific leadership traits that an individual is going to need to meet the requirements of the next role up. Identifying these traits, setting them as goals and then coaching the individual towards their achievement provides transparency both to the individual, their immediate leader and further up the chain. When the time comes to promote within the business, the history of the performance of each individual is clearly available to enable smart promotions within the organisation.