"Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy."

Professor Howard Stephenson

Group 19

A positive workplace culture is essential for business success. A positive culture results in employees being motivated and engaged which makes them effective, efficient, and productive.

Many elements go into the generation of a workplace culture, from company values through to policies and procedures. However, by far, the most influential element of an organisations culture is its people and the relationships these people have with each other. To take this further, the primary driver of culture within a workplace are the relationships shared between leaders and their team members.

Organisations that enjoy a workplace where leaders openly and honestly communicate with their team members on a regular basis and focus their attention on values derived behaviours are shown to be more successful with high levels of employee engagement and low levels of employee turnover.

deBa is designed to generate a workplace culture that is centred on exceptional leadership. Exceptional leadership results in positive relationships throughout the organisation, early identification and resolution of problems and a persistent attitude of continuous improvement. One of the most immediately obvious benefits to a positive workplace culture is in the minimisation of employee turnover.